Sunday, June 9, 2013

You down with OPC? (Other People's Code)

One of the laws of programmers and programming that I believe to be universal is:
Nobody likes anybody else's code

It could just be the leading or trailing spaces, too few comments, too much whitespace or any number of things.
In the end it simply boils down to the fact that it's not YOUR code, but you have to touch it.

As a programmer, there are virtually only two ways to avoid having to work with other people's code:
1 - Quit programming
2 - Die

Even looking back on code you wrote years ago can be like looking at a foreign language as styles and talents grow through the years.

So the only advice I can give here is to try and code NOW with other coders in mind.
Think of it as making a work of art that someone else will unveil some day.

A nicely wrapped present that they will open and get a wonderful surprise and not a box of poop!